How to Track Your Highest Point of Contribution

This is the place where you operate on the edge of your zone of excellence. Those moments where your passion meets you're special kinda magic. How can you access that more?

The Maverick Assessment is a brain profiling tool that identify what you're naturally great at and hard-wired to.

Backed by SCIENCE, LOGIC and FACTS, it gives you the FREEDOM to live your strengths, follow your passion and grow in alignment with your better self.

What makes it unique? It tracks for Adaption and the extent that you're using your gifts, strengths and talents.

PRICE: $27.00

At a Crossroads ..Trapped and frustrated!

You've chatted with friends & families, maybe even consulted with coaches tried various personality assessments, but you're no closer. Closer to what? To accessing your full potential.

  • You dread Mondays and long for meaning.

  • Loss of freedom & flexibility to own your time.

  • Trapped doing work you are good at, but

    don't enjoy.

  • A slave to your work and unsure how to build the right team.

Freedom to Do What You Love

Hi, I'm Claire Protheroe, Co-Owner of the Maverick Assessment and founder of the Maverick Accelerator Academy

Why do we settle for less of ourselves when we know that we have so much more to offer? It could be because we don't know what we're capable of.

What if the Maverick Assessment shows you your greatness?

When faced with a big decision, you want to be on the path aligned with your vision and purpose.

What Makes the Maverick Assessment Unique?

The Maverick Assessment is a Brain Profiling tool that identifies your NATURAL strengths and talents, unlocking potential and ensuring that you operate at your

Highest Point of Contribution.

It's a BENCHMARK! It's a line in the sand showing you where you are now and how to move forward

with confidence, clarity and focus.

Backed by science, 15 years of brain research

and grounded in 20 years of practical experience, the Maverick Assessment is the difference between being good at something, and loving what you do.

PRICE: $27.00

  • Level 1: Brain Profile Work Vs Home

    How you are currently using your brain OVERALL and how you're using your brain at WORK versus HOME to track for where you're not aligned.

  • Level 2: Level of Introversion & Extraversion.

    Tracking situations and environments that are most aligned to you and where you are happiest and most effective.

  • Level 3: A Lifestyle Audit

    Identifying areas in your business and home life that are stressors for you and holding you back from maximising your potential. Along with your overall emotional well-being.

PRICE: $27.00

  • You're moody and irritable.

  • You have frequent headaches.

  • You're depressed and withdrawn.

  • Increased conflict at work and home.

  • A lowered immune system and ill more often than usual.

The Maverick Accelerator tracks for ADAPTION.

Adaption is where you consistently operate outside areas of your natural strengths. Most profiling tools picks up what you're good at. Ok, so you may be good at certain things like processes and systems, but do you EXCEL at it AND ENJOY it.

The consequence of Adaption is that we're less productive. We take longer to do certain things and there's more room for error.

Over time, we may become ill or exhausted, feel worthless, and end up depressed or anxious.


  • Career Re-Navigation when you seek to be aligned to work that you enjoy and excel at.

  • You are in pursuit of work that makes you happy and is meaningful and rewarding.

  • Entrepreneurs who want freedom & scale.

  • ​Business owners who want growth & opportunities.

  • ​ Business Partners who want better communication and clear work-task alignment.

  • ​Progressive corporate leaders who want team's of passion and accountability.

  • ​Power Couples who want more work-life balance.

  • ​Solopreneurs who want time-freedom and self-confidence.

  • ​Family-Run businesses who want growth, respect and harmony.

PRICE: $27.00

How will the MA help you?

  • Freedom to be you.

  • Flexibility to own your time.

  • Trust yourself and back your decisions,

  • Clarity and direction regarding your strengths and weaknesses

  • Confidence with where you add maximum value to your work and business.

  • Understand others (your team, business partners, collaborators, colleagues, spouses, children etc...).

  • Motivated, energised and inspired.

  • Increase harmony into your personal and work relationships.

  • Delegate the right tasks to the right people.

  • Hire Right Frist Time and build happy, harmonious teams.


Brands who have Accelerated their Mavericks!





The home you were raised in can move you away from your natural strengths and cause you to operate in areas other than your strengths. E.g. If you're childhood was chaotic, you may have moved into a step-by-step way of functioning to keep control.

2) The Mainstream 'rule-based' Education System

Traditional schooling systems are a focused on repetitive learning and regurgitating of information. It's pretty left - brained, with little creativity and even less space for free-thinking and using your strengths.

Before you know it you've pursued a tertiary education that’s not aligned with your natural strengths and you're trapped doing work based on the skills you’ve learned, rather than passion and strength.


Certain relationships may also move you away from your natural style. For example, if your partner is very structured, ordered and routine, you may move away from who you are in order to accommodate him / her.


As a Business Owner/Entrepreneur you have to fulfil different roles, learn new tasks and develop new skills. You need to multitask, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed, fearful and uninspired at the end of the day. You're stuck IN you business and with not time to work ON your business.

Learn how to:

  • Leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses for optimal performance.

  • ​Maximise your time and efforts.

  • ​Focus on what you do with ease, efficiency and accuracy.


This gives you a clearer picture of the type of work you should focus on to be more productive and gratified than you thought possible.

Your intuition will be confirmed and you can let go of self-doubt.

Once armed with an intimate understanding of your brain, personality and adaptions, you are ready to pursue passion and embrace opportunity!

By investing less than 35 minutes of your time, you can get the confidence you need to make a move in the right direction!

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